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      Ovalis investments Ltd proudly announce major changes in the development of Forged by Chaos game by moving to the new generation of the game engine from Crytek - CryENGINE® 3. Switching to the next technology level will help us to add new or improved features to the game environment.
      During Forged by Chaos creation we trying to fully implement all technological improvements, offered by CryENGINE®, keeping in mind vast amount of gamers, who cannot afford High-End PCs right now. We were able to keep high settings for the lightning even for Mid-range PCs. CryENGINE® toolkit allowed us to gently optimize feature-rich locations, and to provide a high performance for the spectacular and detailed picture.       The last, but not the least - with the use of CryENGINE® 3 we are now able to release Forged By Chaos on game consoles.

      One more regular update to the 3D models gallery for the Forged By Chaos game. New type of environment objects added, Monkey totem stone in two variations, gallery include low-poly model samples  

      Another regular update to the 3D models gallery for the Forged By Chaos game. Two new types of environment objects added, Rock and the couple of versions of Totem stone, both galleries includes low-poly model samples and sketches  

      This is the regular update to the 3D models gallery for the Forged By Chaos game. Two new types of environment objects added, Dwarf sculpture along with different varieties of Snags, both galleries includes low-poly model samples.  

      This is the regular update to the 3D models gallery for the Forged By Chaos game. Two new races added, Humans and Elves, both galleries includes a sketch, along with low-poly model samples.
    The first of the ancient races on TERRA were the Elves. They managed to achieve a certain harmony between the strength of the sleeping AYA and the magic trapped inside every aspect of the land...
    Humans - the youngest and fastest growing race on TERRA. They came from the north, from harsh lands where the ice floes from the edge of the world are lapped by cold, boundless waters, where the brief summer quickly turns into severe, snowy winter...
      New gaming location (Orc Camp) development is now completed. Location based of the "Messenger" game scenario. The goal of this scenario is to pass an object through the control points. Attacking team is defending an object while carrying it from one control point to another. Defending team protects the control points and tries to intercept an object. This scenario is limited by 45 minutes, players passes five control points, decorated as various natural environment zones.
    The heart of the location is an Orc Camp, spread in the tops of gigantic trees. Here is the starting point for the team, which recently stolen the sacred object from the shaman. First, they must descend to the lower level of the camp, to the roots of the trees, and it would not be easy and flightless.
  Camp is surrounded by thick palisade, and the only way out is to capture the point to open the gates. The battle is now outside the fort walls, and the upland is changes by the tropical swamp, with the poisonous and carnivorous plants. The good way to pass this deadly place and reach the control point in the middle of the swamp is to use the flap bridges, which, of cause, will be heavily guarded by the opponents. The last point is located in the highlands, along with the attacker's team's camp.

  As we already know from the test - it will be the place for the hardest battles - the last chance to stop the messenger. All of the abilities will be used, and sometimes, even Demons figures will rise on the battlefield as the last chance.
    Scenario will test the team abilities to the max, all game classes are important and they plays their own unique role, only team spirit will be able to throw the enemy away.
    Location is filled with numerous interactive traps and objects of interactions. Environment graphics is very detailed with changing atmosphere effects and lightening. Defending team will be able to temporally hold the object and draw attackers back to respawn points, thus making the fight more violent and brutal.