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      The mighty mountain ranges whose snow-covered peaks stretch up to the cold sun are the homeland for this small, proud and hardy race. Their history dates back as deeply into the oceans of time as that of the Elves. The harsh conditions under which this race grew up made them as hard as stone, a united, powerful combat hammer that destroys both rock and the skulls of enemies with ease. Not being able to adapt to life in cities or in the fields, they flourished in their ancestral DOMAINS among the cliffs. This secluded, self-contained form of living created a special way of life and order in these DOMAINS. STRANGERS, as the Dwarves called the descendants of any other race, were not welcome there. On the other hand, they were warm and friendly to their own tribesmen. The LAW OF UNITED KNOWLEDGE meant the Dwarves were not permitted to conceal their technological achievements from each other. Their skilled armorers created new alloys and methods of metal working and the archives in the DOMAINS included plans for complex machines, which were years ahead of their time. The typical warrior is a hardy and powerful defender. His armor made from METRILLIC is hard to crack, and is stronger than that of any other race.