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      The first of the ancient races on TERRA were the Elves. They managed to achieve a certain harmony between the strength of the sleeping AYA (the soul of the earth) and the magic trapped inside every aspect of the land. Their understanding of nature and the affinity of their race for beauty and harmony led them to create great works of art and elegant crafts. The unique regenerative abilities of the race allowed the elves to preserve their youthful appearance for many centuries, even into old age. Experience, accumulated over the centuries, helped them to make incredible advances in their understanding and manipulation of the world's energy. For the Elves, magic came to replace many technologies, whilst other races had to rely on machines and physical effort. Beautiful airy cities and castles rose up above the Elven lands, and the spires of high towers reached high into the skies.
    Their lengthy lifespan compensated for their low ability to reproduce. They considered themselves the elite beings of TERRA, despising and ignoring all other forms of life.
    Despite their small numbers, the Elven race fiercely guards its lands and interests, using their powers of combat magic and their individual skill in battle. An Elven soldier is akin to a graceful predator with perfect accuracy of movement. Many centuries of war have allowed them to hone their skill with weapons, becoming masters of the art. The Elves are unsurpassed in their prowess with a bow; they are masters of the spear and the best magicians. The typical Elven soldier is the female of the species, since she makes a nimble, agile combatant, and is highly accurate at hitting targets from a distance. Their refined armor made of lightweight but durable alloys protects the warriors but without hindering their rapid movement.