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      Humans - the youngest and fastest growing race on TERRA. They came from the north, from harsh lands where the ice floes from the edge of the world are lapped by cold, boundless waters, where the brief summer quickly turns into severe, snowy winter. First they appeared in small groups of warriors, but woman and children soon followed them to their new camps. They appeared to be able to feed off the earth and live in the open field, and the only thing that mattered was their weapons. Amongst this race, life was valued far less than death on the battlefield. From a very young age, boys learned how to hit a target from afar and to wield heavy combat axes and swords with ease. The race rapidly multiplied, and soon there were many men in TERRA. After having ousted the proud but few elves from their native lands and banished the tribes of Orcs to the hot deserts of the south, many tribes populated the steppes of Middle Earth.
    Clearing large areas of land where they could live, the conquerors continued their expansion to the east and south. Everything that stood in their way disappeared under mounds of earth. Flocks of crows, never before seen in Middle Earth, accompanied the hordes of conquerors, and the barbarians came to be known as the BLACK CROWD. But the foreign cultures gradually began to penetrate more deeply into the consciousness of these barbarians, and their makeshift villages and settlements gave way to cities, in which were formed the first elements of a society.
    The typical human soldier is a warrior from the ancestral clans, a cruel, powerful barbarian. His body is protected by armor - designed in varying forms from the primitive style of the nomads to the skilfully forged Elven armor, and the swords and shields crafted by the Dwarven weapon masters.